Nyanza Police on the spot over shootings

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Police officers in Kisumu and Migori counties have been accused of shooting two people in the last three days for no criminal reason.

In Migori, a 17-year-old Form Two student at Akala Secondary in Nyatike Sub-county was shot dead on Tuesday evening.

He was shot as the officers tried to rescue a suspected thief from a lynch mob.

According to eyewitnesses, the boy, Jevis  Omollo, was passing near Wath Ong'er market when he was accused of being among villagers who tried to lynch the suspected thief. 

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Charles Okinyi, a relative of Omollo, said Omollo was no where near the lynch mob.

“The boy was shot in the stomach. He was not among the lynch mob. We don't know why he was shot," said Mr Okinyi.

According to Migori County Police Commander Joseph Nthenge, the boy was killed by a stray bullet.

“It was a stray bullet. It was not aimed at any body, it is just like an accident,” said Mr Nthenge.

He, however, said he will give a comprehensive report on the matter after investigations have been concluded.

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In Kisumu, a  man who was shot by police officers in Ratta, Seme Sub-county now wants legal protection.

Edwin Oginga, 32, was shot three times on Friday night. He claims that a disagreement over a woman working at a local bar led to the shooting.

Oginga explained that he was at the bar in Ratta in the company of a male friend and a woman who was known to them both.

A man approached their table and tried to make advances on the woman. They both rebuffed him. The angry man went out and made phone calls. Oginga was shot three times later as he was riding home.

Police Commander Benson Maweu dismissed Oginga's version of the story, saying Oginga was among a gang who had confronted police.

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