Light moments over ‘Kenyan rains stuck in Tanzania’

It is hard for readers to find humour in a story that reveals that a bad situation would get even worse.

But that is exactly what readers found in a story in The Standard published last week, in which the Kenya Meteorological Department explained how winds had caused the delay of the long rains.

Quoting acting Kenya Meteorological Department Director Stella Aura, the story written by Michael Chepkwony and Wainaina Wambu, said the prevailing drought would persist until the end of this month.

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However, it was the comments by Met that the rains were “sitting in Tanzania” coupled with story’s headline ‘Kenyan rain stuck in Tanzania’ that was penned by Njoroge Kinuthia, an editor, that sent the internet afire.

The Met explained that the drought situation in the country had prolonged since, “the long rain bearing winds were sitting in Tanzania owing to too low pressure systems to push them northwards to Kenya.”

The scientific explanation demonstrating the relation between rains and winds was followed with an outpour of reactions from Kenyans and Tanzanians on social media, debating the matter while sharing light moments for days.

While some blamed the delay of the rains on the wanton cutting of trees in Kenya’s water towers, others blamed it on supernatural powers.

The stage got more interesting when Tanzanian Environment Minister January Makamba posted a photo of the newspaper page tweeting: “Give us back our Lupita and we will release the rain.”

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Lupita Nyong’o is a Kenyan-born award winning Hollywood actor. Mr Makamba’s post drew many reactions. One Fadhil Suleiman responded: “Let them enjoy the view. Wamezoea. Kumbe hata when it rains in TZ, Wakenya wanaona ni mvua yao.”

Agape Palilo  tweeted: “Katika hali hii ya ukame sidhani kama bado una uwezo wa kustrike deal...your only option is to abide with our demands...try to be a little smart.”

Steven @styv13tz wrote on Twitter: “Stop advertising (that) Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park are located in Kenya then we’ll give you back your rain.”

[email protected] laughed it off by asking: “Is it a geographical factor or religious factor for the rain to be stuck in Tanzania?”

On Facebook, Okoth Okoth said: “Let’s shoot the guy who sold them the winds. Too many lives lost coz of greed of a few people.”

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Joseph Karueru said: “Can we send CS (Monica) Juma to intervene diplomatically for our rain to be released by Tanzania.”

Malinda Kimando wrote, “Let’s pray for the rains without ceasing. Met, I wish you can throw a long rope which reaches Tanzania, and since am here at TZ whereby it’s raining, then I push it back to Kenya. Prayers will do I believe.”

Ahmed Karim Achillah commented: “Please give back our rains. This Maghufuli seems to have developed a habit of seizing everything that belongs to Kenya.”

And Gambler Felix Muthugumi said: “During Kibaki’s time we were getting rain by March, but during Jubilee tenure, no rain.” John John wrote: “Kenya is on the test. Everybody is busy not knowing that God is in command. There’s need for national prayers and leaders are ignorant about it. Disaster after disaster until we bow.”

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