Man jailed for killing wife after disagreement over money

A middle aged man who was found guilty of killing his wife has been jailed for 12 years in Homa Bay County.

Albert Odhiambo Odongo was found guilty of killing his wife Eunice Atieno Olal after a disagreement ensued between them over Sh8,000 which he accused the wife of stealing.

Prosecutor Valerie Ongeti told the court that Odongo committed the offence at Kotieno Village, Kasimba Sub Location in Rachuonyo South Sub County on June 7, 2015 contrary to the penal code.

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The court heard that after the disagreement, Odongo left his home then went to a local pub.

He later returned home with two men with whom he assaulted Eunice and killed her on the spot.

One of the witnesses Everline Akoth testified that she was assaulted by Odongo and his group when she told them to stop assaulting Eunice.

After she was assaulted, Akoth revealed that one of the assailants suggested that she be taken to Eunice’s house where her body was lying.

“The following day, I was informed that Eunice had died,” said Akoth.

The Prosecutor also told the court that Odongo lied to the police that his wife had been killed by unknown criminals.

“A report from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations indicates that Odongo lied to police yet they had killed his wife in the bedroom,” said the prosecutor.

However, the case was later changed from murder to manslaughter after the court discovered that he did not intend to kill her.

Four witnesses testified in the case.

Odongo denied the charges but Homa Bay High Court Judge Joseph Joseph Karanjah said the evidence adduced by the witnesses was adequate to prove that he committed the offence.

“You have been sentenced accordingly but you have 14 days to appeal,” Justice Karanjah said.

However before he was taken to Homa Bay Prison for detention, the convict pleaded for leniency on grounds that he married another wife after Eunice’s death the lady left him with children after they disagreed.

“I plead for leniency because I am the one who is taking care of my children because their mother disappeared after we disagreed,” Odongo said.

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