Police holding tourist for assaulting petrol station owner

Police in Narok town are holding a foreign tourist for assaulting a petrol station owner for disagreeing over parking space.

According to area OCPD Joseph Kisombe, Amaa Korti from New Zealand was heading to Nairobi from Masaai Mara Game Reserve when he made a stop over to fuel his vehicle when the incident happened.

The OCPD said the tourist parked his car inappropriately and when asked by the petrol station's workers he became arrogant prompting the owner of the petrol station Haron Munir to be called to resolve the matter.  

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The situation turned violent.

"When the owner confronted him over the precarious parking, the tourist picked a quarrel with the owner and turned wild releasing a blow on Munir's right eye leaving him with serious injuries,” said Mr Kisombe.

The police added Amar Korti sped off but police signaled Ntulele roadblock where he was intercepted.

The suspect and his girlfriend are being held at Narok Police Station and will be charged in court tomorrow.

"Statements on the incident have already been taken by all the concerned parties and we shall arraign him in court tomorrow (Monday) to face assault charges and causing actual bodily harm to the complaint,” said the OCPD.

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