How fallen dusitD2 guard outwitted terrorists to save many lives

Zachary Omboga Nyabwanga, one of the victims of 14 Riverside terror attack. (Sammy Omingo, Standard)
Zachariah Omboga Nyabwanga, one of the victims of the dusitD2 Hotel terror attack was among early plotters of the wits that led to rescuing of many people in the complex that was under siege.

The plot included diverting an escape route to the Fire Assembly exit, and not through the main gate where terrorists had laid trap.

"We may have witnessed mass shooting and killing of people. Initially, the intention of the attackers was to have everyone escaping from the building run through the gate where they would spray bullets at them," Micah Omondi, the Branch Manager of Senaca Security and Consultancy Company which was in charge of the establishment told mourners.

Nyabwanga, 35, went ahead and put his own life in the line when he helped evacuate over 300 occupants of the Dusit Hotel to a safer place.

A total of 700 occupants of the Dusit Complex were rescued during the terror strike on January 16.

And the brave Nyabwanga would been alive today had he not responded to a call from the Hotel’s CCTV surveillance manager who told him to rescue the personal assistant to the General Manager Ms Truffosa Nyaboke who had fainted in her office.

Nyabwanga, the surveillance Manager Dedrix Lemisi and Nyaboke were all killed by the terrorists’ bullets as they struggled to get out of the hotel.

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Emotions ran high at Nyabwanga's Igena Itambe Village in Nyamira County as he was laid to rest on Monday.

"Nyabwanga worked very hastily and with a lot of care. Before his death, he had already played a greater role in ensuring anyone else was safe when he received a call from Mr Lemisa to go for the General Manager's PA who had collapsed in her office. The killers pounced on them while Nyabwanga and Lemisa were rescuing Nyaboke," Omondi narrated to grief-striken mourners.

The Villagers who followed the unfolding of the January 16 massacre by Al Shabaab terrorists only through their television sets relived the moments of the macabre killings as the survivors recounted events that led to death of 22 people.

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