We are committed to the fight against corruption

As international partners, we are committed to supporting Kenya’s fight against corruption. Achieving these goals will happen through strong political leadership supported by zero tolerance for corruption from all Kenyans. Corruption is theft from the Kenyan people, and it has long undermined the country’s prosperity, security, and democracy. No country is free of this scourge, and many of ours have faced the same challenges. Until fully dealt with, corruption will undermine Kenya’s long-term progress.

We welcome Kenya’s recent commitment to tackling corruption through the joint communiqué issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on ‘Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation’ and through Kenya’s statement at the International Anti-corruption Conference in Copenhagen. We recognise these statements are based on Kenya’s Vision 2030 and its commitment to the UN Sustainable Developments Goals.

As friends, we reaffirm our readiness to support the specific commitments Kenyans have made in their pledges to fight corruption. These include establishing strong, reliable, and independent institutions that reduce opportunities for corruption and bring perpetrators to justice.

Without prejudging any current or future cases, all agencies should work together through robust investigations, prosecutions and trials. Law enforcement agencies must conduct thorough and prosecutable investigations. All allegations of corruption must be followed through to fair, open, and transparent conclusion.

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Those responsible for corrupt practices should be prosecuted regardless of political party, social stature, or personal connections. Nothing will send a stronger signal to the people of Kenya, and the world, than convictions of high-ranking individuals.

Individuals or organisations found guilty of corruption through fair legal processes should be held accountable to include forfeiting the proceeds of their crimes, removal from positions of authority, and prison sentences. The country needs to establish reliable and complete birth, death, land, and identity records.

All public financial management laws and systems, including procurement, need robust and transparent oversight and reliable protections in place for whistle-blowers. Educational and professional bodies must build civic awareness through school and professional training curricula. Ethical culture needs to permeate all levels of society.

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All parts of society - business, religious, civil society and other sectors - must be aware of their rights and responsibilities in, and fully committed to, the fight against corruption. No one should accept a bribe or offer one. When any Kenyan becomes aware of illegal activity, it should be immediately reported to the proper authorities. To support and achieve these goals, the development partners commit to the following: We will continue providing wide-ranging assistance and support for efforts to combat corruption at the county and national level.

We will coordinate our assistance to eliminate redundancy and maximise effectiveness. We will raise awareness through a strong public voice that encourages those who are active in the fight against corruption and calls attention to actions, individuals, and groups that are hindering progress.

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We will work with our countries’ business communities to ensure they adhere to the highest ethical codes of conduct. We will offer our technical assistance and capacity building to relevant Kenyan bodies in our areas of experience and expertise.

We will model transparency in the implementation of our own procurements and accountability in our response to those who attempt to misuse our development assistance. We will build on our existing efforts and find new ways to strengthen public financial management systems, investigations and enforcement, governance, accountability, and transparency.

We will be responsive partners in the seizure and return of assets gained from the proceeds of corrupt practices, ensuring assets are returned to Kenya. We will elevate our partnership with the Kenyan Government, supporting it in the fight against corruption.

As partners, we will make progress toward meeting our commitments to the Kenyan Government and look forward to similar progress on commitments made by the Kenyan Government to its people and to the international community.

Through over 20 programmes, our governments support many of the agencies in Kenya most active in the fight against corruption. We will continue to work closely with our government and non-governmental counterparts to further reduce corruption in Kenya.

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Robert F. Godec, United States; Nic Hailey, United Kingdom; Mette Knudsen, Denmark; Alison Chartres, Australia; Annett Guenther, Germany; Ralf Heckner,  Switzerland; Anna Jardfelt, Sweden; Elin Bergithe Rognlie,  Norway; Frans Makken,  Netherlands; Lisa Stadelbauer, Canada; Erik Lundberg,  Finland; Lisa Doherty,  Ireland, and Stefano Dejak, Head of the European Union Delegation.

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