Two arrested, two pistols with 23 bullets recovered in Hagadera, Garissa County

Two men were seized and weapons recovered from them in Hagadera, Garissa County, at the weekend.

The two had hired a taxi driver from Hosingo in Somalia and asked him to take them to Hamey in Kenya.

Police said the suspects changed their minds when they got to Hamey and told the driver to take them to Hagadera.

They also instructed the driver not to go through the main road because of police checks.

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Driver panicked

According to the officers, the driver panicked and drove into the nearby Alnjugur Administration Police camp, parked and ran away.

He alerted the officers present. The officers ordered the occupants to get out and when a search was conducted, two pistols — a Ceska and a Makarov, and 23 bullets were found.

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The officers said they recovered a white powder, which is being analysed.

The reason why the gunmen were trying to evade the roadblocks with the weapons has not been established.

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Planned attack

“Maybe they planned an attack in the country. But they are being investigated now,” said an officer aware of the probe.

Police said the suspects were all from Kismayu, Somalia, and were escorted to Garissa for further checks.

The arrests came days after terrorists staged an attack at a hotel complex in Nairobi and killed dozens. Five of the militants were killed.

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