Dusit heroes epitomised hope and our resilience as a people

Kenyans’ resilience and patriotism were once again tested last Tuesday when terrorists staged a daring attack in Nairobi that left 21 innocent people dead and scores injured.

Coming after a record four-year lull and straightaway after a relatively calm festive season, such a barbaric attack was least expected.

But it came with a silver lining. Kenyans, once again, realised that in the face of adversity, their identity is one and only one. On Tuesday, tribes, religion, counties and political parties and godfathers didn’t count. What was important was the nation Kenya defeating its enemy.

Security teams, including the Recce Squad, responded to the dusitD2 attack in record time and staged a great showing. There was unmatched precision, and professionalism in public communication. There was outpouring prayer across the nation.    

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We celebrate every Kenyans who went out of their way, in one way or another, to save lives and property. There were civilians who picked their guns and joined the offensive against the gutless terrorists. Others were felled saving others. Not only, others ferried survivors to safety and the injured to hospitals. One woman was captured by cameras offering food and drinks to the rescue teams. And in social media, Kenyans of all walks of life came out with messages of hope. Quickly, thousands turned up in various hospitals to donate blood. We are proud of the selflessness.

This experience came with a clear message — that when united, we can achieve great things for our country. True to what former minister George Saitoti once said, there comes a time when the interest of a country is greater than that of individuals.

After the attack, we urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to begin rallying everyone around a conversation on national security. Security starts with every citizen.

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Let’s be each other’s keeper. Terrorism knows no bounds. But as we deal with terror and other external challenges, we should say no to political exclusion, tribalism, corruption and endemic electoral failures that stand on the way of a better Kenya. This way, terrorism will surely be defeated.

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