Video clip emerges of DusitD2 suicide bomber

Private security company owner Inayat Kassam who rushed to the Dusit terror attack scene: He evacuated many people..[Photo, AFP]

A video clip has emerged showing how a suicide bomber blew himself up at DusitD2 on January 15, 2019.

Standing outside in an open field near the hotel's terrace.

Before the attacker blows himself up, a man is seen walking past him, but nothing much happens. On approaching the building's entry he breaks into a slight run.

He is perhaps the last man to see the attacker.

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Ammunition jackets and AK47 magazines used by the terrorists who were eliminated by Kenya's Special Forces. [Photo, Courtesy]

Terrorists aim to kill as many people as possible but this one doesn't make an effort to enter the building.

After the bomber blows up, a crowd is seen rushing outside through the smoke from the explosion.

Security agencies have placed the number of terrorists at six.

Reports say another suicide bomber had been shot and injured at the entrance of Dusit Complex when security officers manning the Australian embassy, which is about 100m away, responded to the initial gunshots.

AK47 rifles used by the eliminated terrorists. [Photo, Courtesy]

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Reports also say an injured terrorist arrived at the main hotel lobby and hurled two grenades but they failed to explode.

He detonated his suicide vest, killing himself and five other people.

He was dismembered. One of his limbs was found about 40m away from the point of the explosion.

Police say one of the terrorists was a Kenyan identified as Salim Gichunge. He lived in a rental house in Muchatha area, Kiambu County.

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