Linturi's children says Marianne Kitany has been cruel to them

Marianne Keitany at a Milimani Court in Nairobi on January 15, 2019. [George Njunge/Standard]
Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s daughter has told court Marianne Kitany mistreated them after she moved into their home at Mae Ridge Country Villas in Runda, Nairobi, in 2017.

Brenda Mwendwa Mithika filed an affidavit at Milimani Chief Magistrates Court, Commercial Division, to support her father’s claims that Ms Kitany was just a guest at the house, having been in distress.

“On December 2017, my father introduced Marianne Kitany to my siblings and I at our Runda home when my mother, who was estranged from my father, was not staying with us,” said Ms Mwendwa.

She said Linturi introduced the former Chief of Staff at the Deputy President William Ruto's office as a friend in distress and allowed her to temporarily stay at their Runda home. He established a temporary personal office at Atticon, a company her father had been running for years.

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Let my guard down

Brenda said Kitany and her three children moved into their Runda home a few days later and the resultant congestion unnerved her. “Nonetheless, I took comfort in my father’s assurance that Kitany was only staying temporarily and would move out immediately her condition improved," said Mwendwa.

In an affidavit filed in court, Brenda claims the former DP's aide put the façade of a nice, friendly and supportive guest and she would initially take them out for dinner and shopping.

“I easily let my guard down after getting beguiled by Kitany’s façade. My siblings, however, were more discerning. My brother, for instance, instantly saw through the applicant’s mask of friendliness and moved out of the Runda home to live with his mother," said Mwendwa.

Mwendwa said things started spiraling out of control in January last year after Kitany found out that her daughter had got a navel piercing with her help.

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“Kitany harassed and harangued me, claiming I am an irresponsible adult. She accused me of bringing friends over without consulting her as a parent, yet she and I do not have a parent –child relationship,” said Mwendwa.

Mwendwa claims she (Kitany) hacked her phones without lawful or reasonable justification.

She further claimed that Kitany exploited the innocence of her (Mwendwa's) eight-year-old brother by taking him out for lunch and shopping sprees just to fish for information on her whereabouts.

“Kitany falsely accused me of being in possession of marijuana, an allegation that landed me in the police cells. She showed up at the police station six days later claiming that she was my only savior on condition that I agreed to go for rehabilitation, an offer that did not sit well with me,” said Mwendwa.

Dismiss an application

Mwendwa claimed Kitany sent her to rehab so she could create a wedge between her (Mwendwa) and Linturi. “I left rehabilitation center, and my counselor warned me that I needed to be careful around Kitany because she had formed an impression that she was not the good person she was pretending to be,” said Mwendwa.

She wants the court to dismiss an application by Kitany barring Linturi from evicting her from the Runda house. Mwendwa wants the court to discharge the interim protection orders issued on October 25, 2018.

Linturi’s driver Elias Kirimi has also filed an affidavit arguing that Kitany's claims that he trailed, investigated or stalked her personal assistant are not true.

Mr Kirimi is also seeking dismissal of an application by Kitany.

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