US Embassy: Americans were meeting at Gem Suites and not Dusit (Photos)

US security agents beef up security at the Gem Suites on Riverside Drive, Nairobi where dozens of US citizens were meeting on Tuesday as the Dusit Terror attack took place.
Security was beefed up at the Gem Suites along Riverside Drive after news of terror attack at the Dusit Complex broke out.

Officials at the US embassy in Nairobi denied social media reports that a group of about 100 Americans that was meeting at the Gem Suites was initially booked at Dusit.

“That is not true. They were booked at the Gem Suites from the start and that is where they are. Ignore the rest,” said an official at the embassy who asked not to be named.

Dozens of American security agents were mobilsed and sent to the Gem Suites to beef up security as the terror incident developed.

The two hotels are about 500 meters apart.

At least 14 people were killed and more than 40 others injured in the terror attack. 700 people were rescued.

An American, British and Australian citizens are among those killed in attack.

US and British commandoes were involved in the rescue mission of those trapped in the attack.

They were among the first responders to arrive at the scene while heavily armed.

The survivors, still shaken but grateful to have made it out spoke of professional rescue operation carried out by a multi-agency security team.

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