Chinese medical researcher roots for new therapy against HIV/Aids

Professor Tian Shengxun
A university medical researcher, who is an expert in Chinese herbal medicine, has supported recent findings by scholars at the University of California, US, of the urgent need to seek new therapies in the fight against HIV infections because mechanisms that govern transcription and latency differ in gut and blood.

“It is time to assess and review the effectiveness of conventional medicine with a view to combining conventional and herbal therapies in the war against HIV/AIDS-the killer diseases, which has so far claimed 40 million lives since it was discovered 40 years ago,”  says Professor Tian Shengxun.

The professor, who is behind the discovery of a Chinese herbal medicine, Tian Immunity Booster (TIB), hailed Kenyan universities that are undertaking studies in herbal medicine such as Kenyatta University’s regional National Reference Research Centre for herbal medicine.

Speaking in Nairobi, last week, at his Africa Regional Research Centre and Clinic located in Hurlingham, the don who is from China’s Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explained that the Tian Immunity Booster, was effective in reversing the effects of HIV/AIDS.

“The TIB herbal medicine has been used for the treatment of many complicated diseases successfully and contains more than 30 different herbs (ingredients) extracted from 100 percent pure Chinese herbs using modern medical technology,” explained Professor Tian. “It is a strong antimicrobial which doubles up as an antioxidant, bone marrow activator which promotes blood circulation and enhances kidney and liver functions,” added the researcher. The drug is also suitable in the treatment of most opportunistic infections such as TB and Karposis Sarcoma (skin cancer).

He said most important scientific assays of TIBs carried out on the drug by leading scientific laboratories in the UK, US, Germany, Japan and Namibia confirmed that TIB Herbal products are of very strong protection of immune cells ( CD4 cell ) and suppress  the HIV replication even kill  HIV including those hiding in the Viral Reservoirs. The herbal medicine, which comes in form of tablets is non-toxic with no side effects. Further TIB scientific assay of activation of latent HIV will be carried out this year, added Prof. Tian.

 “The studies established that patients who used TIB as an alternative HIV/AIDS therapy led a high quality life because the TIB herbal medical solution offers a functional cure.’’

The researcher also supported the 2018 world Aids Day theme of “know your status”, which will enable the affected and the infected persons make informed decisions on taking appropriate steps to.

He urged the government and other African nations to focus on researching on homegrown medical solutions such as supporting the use of herbal medicine.

 “Homegrown research focusing on promoting the combined use of conventional and herbal medicine has been very successful in China and most Asian countries and could help African nations come up with medical solutions that would significantly reverse the effect of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other killer diseases ,” explained Prof Shengxun.

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