TSC spells out new plan for class lessons

Education Permanent Secretary Belio Kipsang speaks after his tour of monitoring roll out of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) materials at Tawa Primary School in Mbooni East Constituency, Makueni County on January 8, 2019. [John Muia/Standard]
The Teachers Service Commission has released a new teaching schedule for lower primary levels.

Yesterday, it also emerged that Mandarin, the official Chinese dialect, would be among foreign languages to be taught to pupils from Grade 4 (Standard 4). The other foreign languages include Arabic, French and German.

The TSC detailed teaching plan instructs all school heads to supervise preparation of teaching timetables that outline learning areas for pupils complete with period of each lesson.

Under the instruction, each class will last 30 minutes with a total five lessons per day in pre-primary level and seven for lower primary learning stages.

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In total, pupils in Pre-Primary One and Two (PP1 and II) will be taught 25 lessons per week as lower primary classes (Grade I, II and III) will be taught 35.

Pupils in Special Needs Education schools will be taught 20 lessons per week.

Broken down, PPI and PPII will be taught six subjects or learning areas. Language activities, mathematical activities and environmental activities will each have five lessons.

According to the schedule, psychomotor and creative activities will have a total eight lessons broken down into two – five lessons for psychomotor and three for creative activities.

Religious education and pastoral programmes of instruction will each be taught once a week.

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And for early grades, a total nine learning areas were scheduled.

Literacy activities, mathematical activities and environmental activities will each have five lessons taught per week.

Kiswahili language activities or Kenya sign language, English language activities and religious activities will each be taught three times every week.

Hygiene and nutrition activities lessons will be taught twice per week, as pastoral programmes of instructions are taught only once per week.

The TSC schedule further explains that special needs learners will be taught five subjects. Communication, social skills and pre-literacy learning areas will be taught five times every week.

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Two other learning areas – activities of daily living skills and religious activities, sensory integration, psychomotor and creative activities – will each be taught five times per week.

Orientation and mobility skills will be taught three times per week as pre-numeracy activities are  taught twice.

The circular released in January 2, has been sent to all TSC county directors, sub-county directors, curriculum support officers and heads of primary schools.

Speaking separately, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Chief Executive Officer Jwan Julius said foreign language subjects would be optional, and that the syllabuses were set to be rolled out next year.

Jwan confirmed that the designs and scope of the foreign languages syllabuses had been completed and were being edited.

He said Chinese, being one of the United Nations languages, would give Kenyans an upper hand in terms of careers.

“It will also create employment opportunities for Kenyans across the world because as it is now, we cannot ignore it,” said Jwan.

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