The President is right, man cannot live on politics alone

Day by day, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for leaders to stop politicking and stick to development is fading, sidetracked by the rapidly growing 2022 succession politics.

This is a sad indictment of a country that recently joined the ranks of developing countries and has excellent blue prints to propel it to the developed world in less than two decades. It is saddening that the word development now only comes up in political debates and not as the first agenda in all forums and gatherings in the country, from the chief’s baraza to the boardroom.

The excitement that greeted the launch of the Big Four Agenda is slowly pushed to the background as politics take the centre stage. If no one blinks, its momentum of will wane, and we shall be back to high octane, divisive and myopic 2022 campaigns, never mind the fact that we still have four years to the next poll.

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We must not forget that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been in office for slightly more than a year now and is riding on massive goodwill from the people. This has been strengthened by the March 9, 2018 handshake with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

As such, it is up to every Kenyan to ensure that the new winds of national unity and a sense national duty are not scuttled by a few politicians. Time has come to choose on whose side we are: the side of endless politics that do not add any value to our lives, secure our futures or even put food on the table; or the side of renewed hope for the future-our own and that of our children.

The president is on the record telling off those seeking to draw him into politics, saying his focus is on developing the entire country. This is as it should and we must rally behind him before he gets overwhelmed by pressure from political shenanigans that are rapidly unfolding before us.

This is possible. That he took some time off yesterday to lash out at those accusing him of sidelining their region in development might just be the first sign of growing frustration.

We said here before, and we will say it again: 2022 is still far off and man cannot live on politics alone. Let us put a pause on this succession debate, roll up our sleeves and get to work securing a future for ourselves and our children.

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