Rising suicide cases reported in Nyeri

Nyeri Police Commander Ali Nuno has warned that the rate of suicides reported in the county was alarming.

He noted that based on current statistics, at least four suicide deaths are reported daily in the county.

“This means in each month we are losing at least 120 people to suicide in Nyeri County," he said.

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Speaking during the award ceremony to mark the end of the Simba Cup tournament at Ruringu Stadium the security chief asked leaders to find ways to address the worrying trend.

“Those committing suicide are youth aged between 18 and 35 years,” he warned.

Nuno also asked youth to find constructive ways to carry out social audits of government projects.

“It is unfortunate that some youth have resorted to insulting their leaders and harassing people on social media in the name of seeking accountability,” he added.

He asked bloggers to carry out their social audits in an organised and civilised manner.

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On crime, Nuno warned that criminals in Nyeri had only three options; reform and find salvation, leave the county or come face to face with the full force of the law.

“We shall not tolerate crime in Nyeri County, those with firearms terrorising Kenyans should know that we are coming for you,” Nuno said.

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu asked youth to follow the rule of law or face the consequences.

“I am speaking to all the youth in Gatitu Muruguru, Rware, Ruringu and Kamakwa, you either reform or the law will deal with you,” Wambugu said.

The two were speaking a few days after a police constable attached to Nyeri Central Police Station was among 131 people arrested in Nyeri in one of the widest swoops against robbers and burglars in the town.

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The officer is suspected to have broken into the signals room at the police station and stolen a laptop, computer accessories and correspondence files.

His arrest came as about 130 other suspects were arrested in Classic, Ruring’u and Ngangarithi estates in Nyeri town as police clamped down on increased thefts over the festive period.

The swoop followed the Thursday shooting of a shopkeeper at Ciaraini Market on the outskirts of the town as he attempted to stop a break-in at his shop.

The shopkeeper was shot after he confronted a three-man gang that was robbing his shop.

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