Recovery Update: F1 legend Michael Schumacher

The German Formula 1 driver was in a horror skiing incident in 2013.Source:AFP
Michael Schumacher - a seven-time Formula One world champion is "not bedridden or living on tubes", it has been reported as new details about his recovery emerge.

It's nearly five years (December 29, 2013) since the 50 year old hit his head on a rock while skiing with his then 14-year-old son Mick in Meribel in the French Alps.

Mick and Michael Schumacher
The multiple head injuries caused blood clots which were not entirely removed by doctors because of the extent of the injury.

He was placed into a medically induced coma to aid recovery from the accident, and he was gradually brought out of the coma in April of 2014.

Schumacher is believed to be receiving nursing and physiotherapy care at an estimated cost of more than £50,000 (Sh6.4m) a week.

According to The Daily Mail via German magazine Bravo, Schumacher is to be moved to a clinic in Dallas, Texas because he is claimed to be either intubated or bedridden.

Mark Weeks, the director, told the magazine: "We have a lot of experience with patients who are suffering this kind of trauma.

"There is probably no clinic in Europe that treats as many cases as we do."

Schumacher‘s family have always remained tight-lipped about the German’s condition leaving his fans in the dark about his health.

Michael-Schumacher's House
Schumacher's trusted manager Sabine Kehm has also always insisted the superstar's health is not a public matter

Currently Schumacher is being cared for by a team of medical experts at his luxury home in Gland near Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

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