Why police were not in their new outfit during Jamhuri Day fete

IG Joseph Boinnet in his new national police uniform in his Nairobi. Officers were expected to be in the attire yesterday. [File, Standard]
The President’s directive that all officers wear the new uniform during Jamhuri Day celebrations was not realised over massive logistical hiccups.

President Kenyatta had unveiled the new police uniforms at the Kenya School of Government in September, saying it would enhance better visibility of the officers and make them more respected than feared.

The change in police uniform is also a recommendation from the United Nations, as a way of increasing their visibility while serving civilians and making them accountable.

Investigations have established that only a handful of officers have obtained the new uniform.

The situation is so dire that majority of officers in the ranks of Senior Assistant Inspector General (SAIG), Assistant Inspector General (AIG) and Commissioner of Police are yet to acquire the new uniform.

Worst hit are officers in the lower cadres who are not certain when the new official police uniform will be provided.

At both Police headquarters, Vigilance House, and Jogoo House, officers are complaining there are no tailors to take their measurements despite a directive from Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet (pictured) to have all officers at headquarters put on the new attire.

From the ranks of Inspector of Police upwards, they are provided with material at the police stores in Industrial Area to have their uniforms done while those in lower ranks are provided with full uniform.

“We will be forced to remain with the uniform being phased out until we get new ones. It is not possible to meet the Wednesday deadline,” one of the officers said.

So far, only Boinnet and his deputy, Kenya Police Service Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua have donned the uniform to come in persian-blue shirt/blouse, trousers and beret.

On Jamhuri Day, even the general duty officers were expected to don the new uniform that has attracted mixed reactions from Kenyans.

According to the new police structure, all officers right from police Constable to Inspector General will wear the same colour and quality of uniform and only ranks and equivalent decorations will differentiate them. 

The police boss has not respond to queries on the logistical setbacks.

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