Recruitment stalemate exposes difference in Bomet County government

Executive, board locked up in bitter fight over recruitment of new staff. The County Public Service Board has accused the executive of interfering with its work.

The board and the government are locked up in a tussle over recruitment of new staff. Board chairman Joshua Terer accused the government of denying them cash so they could remain dependent on the executive.

He said they suffered after electricity was disconnected over unpaid bills. "Anytime the board wants to do something, it has to beg for money from the government. Yet we are expected to be independent with our own budget," said Mr Terer.

He said the board had shortlisted candidates for various positions but interviews were called off at the last minute through an advert it (the board) had nothing to do with. The board says the executive illegally cancelled the interviews.

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Job seekers

Tens of job seekers were turned away as the board announced investigations into the source of the advert cancelling the interviews that had started.

The office of the County Secretary denied knowledge of the advert, saying, "We were shocked to see the advert cancelling the interviews. The board was ready for the interviews. Those who ran an advert calling off the exercise did it out of malice. We are yet to know who was behind the advert and why they did it."

The county assembly had also called on the executive not to allocate the board funds for the exercise.

Labour committee chairman Charles Lang'at, who made the proposal, accused the board of ignoring regional balance while shortlisting candidates. But the board said it observed due diligence.

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