Condom company tells man to carry his cross

A condom manufacturer has told a man who claimed to have contracted a sexually transmitted infection after using their brand to carry his own cross for promiscuity.

Beta Healthcare International Ltd, in response to a suit by Williamson Nyakweba, stated that it was the man’s carelessness of being ‘sexually explosive’ that led to his woes.

The firm said he should not blame anyone for the misfortunes that followed his sexual exploitation with several partners.

Chirag Patel, in his affidavit on behalf of the company, swore that there was a possibility that Nyakweba removed the Zoom condoms, tore them and then turned around, claiming that they were ruptured while he was pleasuring himself with a woman he met at a wedding party.

“He claims to have been married, but admits to be an infidel, unfaithful, untrustworthy and a perpetual cheat who would stop at nothing but cheat on his wife for the sole purpose of quenching his savage sexual thirst,” said Patel.

Nyakweba sued the company for allegedly importing, distributing and selling the Zoom condoms, one of which broke when he had intercourse with a woman he met at a wedding party in Kisii town on October 4, 2014, leading to a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

He claimed nine days after the incident, he noticed rashes on his private parts and felt pain while urinating, after which a doctor confirmed that he had contracted an STI.

His wife was also infected with the STI and blamed him for being unfaithful. She walked out of their marriage. He swore that he became distressed and burdened with guilt and had a mental breakdown, which made him become alcoholic and lost his job.

Nyakweba wants the court to punish the company for making him use a defective condom that made him contract the STI, lose his wife and suffer psychological trauma. He wants to be compensated.

But the company has claimed the man is a liar who cheated on his wife several times and should not be believed by the court. They want to be allowed to cross-examine Nyakweba and for him to produce all the women he said he slept with using Zoom condoms.

“We want him to bring the women he slept with in various towns as witnesses and also indicate the specific hotels and lodgings he slept with them. He must also bring the woman he slept with when the condom ruptured to confirm his allegations,” swore Patel.

He said the suit was a waste of court’s time and intended to achieve ulterior motive given that Nyakweba had not produced the said condom he used to prove that it was Zoom brand.

Patel further accused Nyakweba of contradicting himself by stating that the Zoom condoms were substandard while at the same time admitting that the brand was his favourite and that he had used it for many months with different women.

He swore that there were also possibilities that Nyakweba did not use the condom the right way, leading to the rupture.

“If a person puts on a condom that does not match his size, there is a high chance of rupturing. He must, however, prove that the condom he wore was not the right size when he went out on a rampage relishing himself,” swore Patel.

The case will be heard on April 3.