Family demands justice after minor is defiled by grandfather during holiday stay

A family from Bomet county have called for the immediate arrest of a 75-year-old man who allegedly defiled his 13- year-old granddaughter.

Medical records at Siongiroi health centre confirmed that the mentally challenged minor had been defiled.

According to the minor's mother from Kiproroget village in Chapalungu, the fight for justice has been frustrated by her husband who arranged for the suspect to go into hiding.

“When my husband heard that I had gone to report the matter to the local chief and the police, he called his father to tell him to go into hiding and also conspired for the witness to also disappear,” she said.

She claimed that her “immoral” father-in-law had sexually molested the minor on more than one occasion.

“From the information I have since managed to gather from relatives and friends, my shameless father in-law has sexually molested my daughter more than once,” she said.

The minor had been staying with her grandfather this holiday.

An uncle to the minor, expressed his disappointment over the suspect’s clan member’s decision to conduct a cleansing ceremony over the case on incest rather than let him face justice.

“What I want in my niece’s case is for justice to follow its natural course. I don’t agree with the cleansing decision,” he said.

Nominated MP David Sankok demanded for the immediate arrest of the defilement suspect and the participants who have conspired to defeat justice.

“The defilement suspect who is on the run must be brought to justice. Secondly, all the participants who participated in the cleansing ceremony must also be arrested for attempting to obstruct justice,” he said.