Do not hide behind culture to commit crime, Maasai morans warned

Maasai morans have been warned against hiding behind culture to engage in crime.

County police boss Thomas Ngeiwa said cases of morans harassing innocent people had been on the increase.

Ngeiwa said those found engaging in criminal activities would be arrested and prosecuted.

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"We respect the Maasai culture. However, we will not allow them to engage in crime," said Ngeiwa.

He cited a recent incidence in which a group of Morans harassed traders at Enabelel trading centre.

“No one is above the law. As we respect your culture, you should also respect the rights of everyone here because people have a right to live anywhere in Kenya,” he said.

Morans are Maasai men between ages 15 and 20 years. They live in seclusion after circumcision and are trained to protect their community from aggressors.

During this period, they apply red ochre on their bodies and wear Maasai shukas. They also bear weapons such as spears, swords and clubs.

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Ngeiwa asked elders to teach the morans to coexist with people from other communities.

In August, seven morans were arrested in Narok for stealing mobile phones, torches, shoes, clothes and solar panels.