Woman accused of killing son shows no remorse

A probation report on a woman accused of killing her son indicated she showed no remorse.

During a sentencing hearing for Beth Njoki, 24, on Tuesday, the prosecution told Nakuru High Court judge Joel Ngugi that Ms Njoki’s attitude “was difficult to gauge”.

The mother of two was accused of killing her two-year-old son, Benson Njuguna, by throwing him into a borehole in Muthenji village in Kuresoi on April 1, 2014.

“There is a paragraph in the report that talks about the accused not taking responsibility. We wish to respond to the matter on a further date after talking to the investigation officer,” said State counsel Amos Chigiti.

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While Njoki had given an unsworn defence denying throwing the child into the well, investigating officer Geoffrey Otieno had stated in court that during interrogation, the accused had admitted to committing the act.

“She told us that she met devil worshippers in Molo who persuaded her to sacrifice her child,” said Mr Otieno.

David Wamae, a village elder, had also told the court that Njoki had reported to him that Njuguna was missing.

"We launched a search for the missing child. We traced the accused to her aunt's home where after serious interrogation, she said the child had fallen into a well and she was scared to face reality,” Mr Wamae said.

The probation report indicated that Njoki blamed "voices" and an unnamed church for her actions.

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Her probation officer recommended a non-custodial sentence, saying Njoki’s family was willing to help her regain a normal life.

The report added that the family believed the four years Njoki had spent in remand had made her a better person. Further sentencing is scheduled for October 23.

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