MCAs pass motion for public to get mounted screens

Nominated MCA Nancy Okademi who sponsored the motion. [Photo: Ignatius Odanga]
The county assembly has passed a motion that will see display screens mounted in selective parts of the county for public to get timely information. 

Contributing to the motion that was sponsored by nominated member Nancy Okademi ward representatives noted that members of public were not accessing crucial information about what the county and assembly are doing.

The MCAs however observed that passing of the motion will help locals get to know what is happening.  

The members regretted that most of the time advertisements are placed in the print media and on the website thus denying majority of the residents much needed information.

Ms Okademi said,” members of the public are entitled to information about what is happening in the county but that they are not getting because there is no proper channels to relay the information.”

Angurai East MCA Joab Iteba said,” Poor information dissemination was biggest problem in the county and maybe that is why poverty is rising by the day.”

He said sometimes people in remote areas miss information on vaccination of their children against certain disease and their children end up being affected.

“The flat display screens mounted in specific areas will offer some reprieve to our people,” he maintained.

Lawrence Murunga of Angurai North and his Bunyala South counterpart Casper Juma said some of the questions their electorate asks them belonged to the county executive but they were not aware since they do not know.

Murunga said installation of the display screens should start in remote areas before coming to urban centres.

“We are going to put pressure to the executive to implement what is contained in the motion so that our people can know functions of the assembly and what they are supposed to get from the executive in this era of devolution,” said Murunga.

Mr Juma said there was need for the county government to partner with existing radio or TV stations to broadcast the session live for the sake of residents.

However, a section of MCAs opposed the motion. Chakol North MCA Julius Etyang said the motion was discriminating as screens will be mounted in selected areas and timing was also wrong.

“Let us focus on things that help people who live in remote areas not on luxurious things like screens,” said Etyang.

Bukhayo Central MCA Kassaman Ekesa also opposed noting that some individuals will pocket money and import substandard TV screens.

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