Respect title deeds, elders tell State

Kalenjin Myoot council of elders has asked the Government to respect title deeds held by residents of areas said to be part of the Mau forest. The council’s vice chairman Christopher Bore said Government officials should desist from terming the titles 'mere papers' before verifying their authenticity.

“Utterances by some leaders and Government officials to the effect that documents being held by the evictees are mere papers should be avoided and due diligence followed,” Mr Bore said yesterday at Mulot trading centre in Bomet. The elders asked the Government to call peace meetings between the two communities to bring the violence to an end.

“There is an urgent need for inter-community meetings involving elders from the two communities to build cohesion,” added Bore. They also pleaded with political leaders to restrain from making inflammatory statements. Bore said such statements were largely to blame for the recent skirmishes in Narok County. He urged Government agencies to take action on such leaders to avert further violence.

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