Governor Korane released after interrogation, ordered to report to police as probe into shooting continues

Korane addressing mammoth crowd after he was endorsed as the gubernatorial flag bearer for Garissa County by his Abdulwak sub - clan. He was arrested in connection with the shooting of CEC. [File, Standard]

Chilling 34-minute CCTV footage showing a gunman shooting a former Garissa county official as he reversed out of a compound in Kileleshwa is part of evidence investigators are relying on to put together a case.

Idriss Mukhtar arrives at the Kileleshwa mosque for the 8pm prayers on August 18 and after 15 minutes he walks into a restaurant in the compound.

At 8.31pm the gunman is spotted at the restaurant’s gate near Mr Mukhtar’s car. Mukhtar emerges two minutes later and walks to his car, around the same time the gunman accosts him.

At 8.34pm as Mukhtar reverses the car, the assailant, carrying a gun fitted with a silencer, shoots him three times through the driver’s window.

The gunman, who is wearing a black jacket, black jeans and a cap, then runs out of the compound and hops onto a waiting motorcycle, which speeds off.

Mukhtar, a former Finance CEC, was admitted to Nairobi Hospital at 9pm and has been on life support since.

Other CCTV footage shows a car trailing Mukhtar. The car was later seized at a city garage as it was being repainted.

The mechanic at the garage in Ngara told police that a Somali man had brought the grey car to be repainted red. The number plate had been switched from KBQ to KCR.

But what has been crucial in the investigation is call data for mobile phone conversations between the seven suspects so far arrested.

Those in custody are the gunman, one of the governor’s bodyguards and a soldier said to be a county security adviser. The car used to trail Mukhtar had been registered in his name.

A woman who hired the car and the boda boda rider from Dandora have also been arrested.

The gunman has confessed that he was paid Sh1.8 million, according to police sources.

One of Garissa Governor Ali Korane’s relatives was wanted in connection with call data showing he had talked to one of the suspects, the sources said.  

Mr Korane was questioned for hours over the shooting. The governor explained he was helping police with investigations.

Sources said one of those in custody had claimed that a city lawyer who was handling a matter for Mukhtar had also been targeted. The lawyer recorded a statement with police on Tuesday.

A prime suspect in the case told police that he and another suspect who has yet to be arrested visited the lawyer’s office two times as the plan to eliminate him progressed.

The lawyer had written to various agencies seeking information of certain academic documents.

The governor had been asked to return to the police station yesterday. Officers handling the case have complained that they had received threats.

In his statement, the governor denied knowledge of the incident. He told police he had never met or talked to any of the people linked to the shooting.

“I went to Nairobi DCI HQs this morning to write a statement and make some clarifications concerning the shooting of former Garissa County CEC Finance Idris Adan Muktar. I did this as a law abiding citizen and was not under arrest as alleged by sections of local media houses,” he said in a post.

The governor and Mukhtar are married to first cousins.

Police said they recovered the pistol used in the shooting. The gunman was said to have bought the weapon for Sh200,000

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