Police arrest 25 foreigners in new crackdown on illegal immigrants

Crackdown on illegal immigrants continues.

The government has started deportation of illegal immigrants operating in the country following the lapse of a two months grace period.

More than 20 new illegal immigrants were at the weekend arrested in fresh crackdown on the foreigners.

They were detained at various police facilities in the city ahead of planned deportation.

This will be after they are vetted to establish their status in the country, immigration officials said.

Police were Friday ordered to join in the crackdown on the illegal immigrants and ensure they are processed and deported.

 Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, said all those who failed the vetting test will be flashed in an exercise that will continue for the next three months.

Matiang’i said on Friday that 60 senior hotel managers have already been deported after it emerged that they had come into the country as tourists.

28 immigration staff have also been sacked for engaging in illegal transactions as the government moves to seal loopholes in acquisition of critical government documents.

Matiang’i had issued a directive ordering foreigners working in the country without official work permits to get documentation or be arrested at the lapse of 60 days, saying the move will help the government get rid of tax evaders and criminals.

He explained that illegal migrants with fake working permits come to the country as tourists but take advantage of immigration loopholes to engage in business activities which are against the law.

Some of those so far deported were engaging in jobs that can be done by Kenyans.

The CS said some of the foreigners come to Kenya and befriend Kenyan girls with an intention of getting documents to stay in the country.

“We will not tolerate a situation some of these people come with drugs money and cheat our girls with an intention of getting clearance to stay here,” he declared.

Matiang’i said the government is also investing heavily in technology to improve efficiency in a development that will make it possible to access passports and work permits at the county level.

Last week, 19 Nigerians were arrested and later deported for engaging in in electronic fraud.

The suspects were arrested in Umoja, Kasarani and Roysambu Estates within Nairobi for engaging in electronic fraud targeting Kenyans.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti said the suspects target Kenyans especially through the social media before they embark on lying to them.

”The fraudsters start by befriending you on social media (Facebook) and once you accept the friend request they initiate a friendly chat that promises the victim goodies to be sent through DHL at the airport,” he said.

According to Kinoti, the following day a call will be made and someone will pretend to be an attendant at the DHL office.

They will tell the victim to pay clearance fees for the same parcel they claim to have sent you.

“Immediately you send the money through Mpesa another call is made requesting for some more money for other documentation and taxes.”

”After paying the dues demanded, your calls demanding for your parcel will not be picked. That is the time you realize that you have been conned. This is therefore to warn members of the general public against such fraudsters,” he said.

Some of them had come to Nairobi as students and as businessmen.

The incident comes at a time when police are battling with a Cameroonian national in court who was deported last year but sneaked back to Kenya. On arriving in Kenya Doctta Peter Longa threw away his traveling documents as part of efforts to frustrate his re-deportation.

He was arrested in Parklands area after defrauding a businessman of Sh20 million on claims he would double the money. Police have vowed to send him back to his country.

Cases of foreigners finding a safe haven in Nairobi for criminal activities are on the rise amid police crackdown.