More girls in Narok quit school 'to give birth'

The high number of teenage pregnancies has led to increased cases of school drop-out, Narok North leaders have said.

In the past one year alone, the leaders said, 24 girls have dropped out of school in Olokurto location as result of early pregnancies.

"The trend is really worrying because the future of the girls has already been tampered with," said Olokurto Chief Beatrice Koila.

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Use of illicit brew, she added, has exacerbated the problem.

Elijah Mingai, a representative from the Education ministry, said the rise in cases of early pregnancies should be addressed.

"These numbers are so high and we are saddened by them. Teachers should work with local authorities to ensure these cases are dealt with," he said.

They spoke during a prayer day service at Ilmolelian Model Primary School.

A report by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) showed that 40 per cent of Narok's teenagers became pregnant between July 2016 and June 2017.

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Internal Security Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick ole Ntutu said the cases were alarming, and asked for the arrest of those responsible.

"It saddens that the girls have to drop out of school because of early pregnancies. The Government will not relent in the fight against such vices and I am directing the local administrators to ensure that the men responsible for these pregnancies are arrested within four days," Mr Ntutu said.

He added that schools in the remote areas would be connected to electricity under the 'Last mile' project.

"The Government had promised that all schools would be connected to electricity," he added.

Mr Mugai noted that some teachers had expressed reservations that the delocalisation programme might affect schools' performance in national examinations.

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He, however, said the programme was a Government initiative meant to improve quality of education countrywide.

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