Why Murkomen made a blunder on Mau issue

Sen. Kipchumba Murkomen. [Photo/Courtesy]
Is Senator Kipchumba Murkomen still in there throwing punches, or has he realised he is standing in the stoning yard alone? How an educated individual and a learned friend to boot can be so injudicious is astounding!

Purporting to order evictees back into the Mau by invoking the name of the President was unfortunate; a show of extreme desperation or, sadly, the effects of hallucinations that come with power going to the head. What has been motivating the legislator lately?

So bad are matters; nobody, not even Deputy President William Ruto whose interests Murkomen is vehemently championing, has come out to defend him against the volleys other leaders across the political divide have been  throwing at the Senator.

Some people know when to quit, Murkomen doesn’t seem to, and is still out there daring the powers that be. Now Jubilee legislators want him ejected from the Senate Majority seat. Will he claim that is part of Raila Odinga’s evil machinations as well?

Did Palaver see a picture of Moses Kuria seated happily besides 'Baba' somewhere in Kisumu County?

After all the unfortunate pronouncements he uttered against our lakeside bothers just a few months back, where did he get the courage to visit an area where he could easily be ‘stoned’? Well, maybe politicians should not be taken seriously.

 But, come to think of it, was Kuria out to prove that there are no permanent enemies in politics? Mr Kuria, Kisumu guys are good people, until provoked!

Githuku Mungai says; “Mr (Danson) Mungatana was last week engaged as a member of Comesa in Zambia following his nomination by Kenya. He is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

He has clarified in the Press that he was appointed because he is qualified, not because of political connections.

Well, I wish him the best. Locally, you will note that there are some appointments of politicians to directorships at low-key parastatals where, after they fail to get elected, it really does not matter how many years one spent in school.”

One may ask; was Chapter 6 of the Kenya Constitution 2010 an appendage that was merely put there to fill space? And, more importantly, does conscience ever bother some of the individuals mentioned in corruption scams but confidently appear before parliamentary committees to be vetted for other public jobs?

In the Western world, association with wrongdoing, leave alone being arrested, makes powerful individuals cringe. Who bewitched Kenyans?

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