Campaign kicks off to have Raila nominated for Nobel peace prize

Raila Odinga meeting former US President Barack Obama at Kempinsky Hotel. 
Thousands of social media users are lobbying to have Opposition leader Raila Odinga nominated for the coveted Nobel Peace prize.

The Standard has established that a link- - has been sent to several users in networks across the globe to nominate the ODM leader.

By 11 am yesterday, at least 1,737 people had signed the petition against a target of 2,500. The website has 1.5 million followers on Facebook.

Those behind the campaign say Raila deserves the awarded for his peace initiatives in South Sudan and Kenya.

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They say Raila has upheld the rule of law and defended human rights.

The link is being circulated by Opposition and some Jubilee leaders through WhatsApp, with proponents inviting people to nominate Raila for the prize

Each year, members of academies, professors, scientists and previous winners submit candidates for the prize.

Supporters of Raila have posted the link on several social media platforms in Parliament and county assemblies. University students are also sharing the links.

Adan Ali, one of the proponents of the UK-based, heaped praise on Raila, saying he deserved the award.

He said Raila had changed the lives of millions of Kenyans by sacrificing his freedom in exchange for transformation from totalitarianism.

Mr Ali said Kenya transformed from dictatorship to a multi-party democracy because of Raila's efforts.

"Kenyans could still be in the dark without his sacrifices. Raila has also brokered peace, not only in Kenya but the African continent as a whole," he posted on the web.

Environmentalist Wangari Maathai won the award in 2004 for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace.

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