Security team bans boda boda operations past 11pm

Security team bans boda boda operations past 11pm in Nanyuki and neighbouring towns claiming the operations are contributing to run-away crime. [Courtesy]
Boda boda operators in Nanyuki and neighbouring towns will be operating up to 11 pm in the evening, security committee for Laikipia East has resolved.

Speaking in a security meeting held in Nanyuki on Wednesday the area deputy county commissioner Esther Dhahabu said her committee resolved to halt midnight operations as it was a contributing factor to run-away crime.

 “We are not victimising the riders but we have to deal with criminals hiding among the operators and pose like riders during night hours but their objective is to rob or kill the passengers,” said Dhahabu.

The official also urged the operators to observe traffic rules so as to decrease cases of accidents mostly caused in traffic snarl ups.

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 “There are rules that guide how you should behave on the road and the motor bikes are ridden with speed risking the lives of the riders and he passengers,” said Ms Dhahabu.

 Ms Dhahabu warned the operators to be cautious on the road adding that most residents prefer bodaboda because they can easily move through traffic jams and penetrate to inaccessible areas.

The area OCPD Kizito Mtoro said 70 per cent of accidents are caused by boda boda riders.

Local leaders have been calling for sanity among the riders with deputy governor John Mwaniki complaining that they carry up to four passengers who are mostly unprotected with helmet or the reflector jackets.

“You need to take care of your passengers because some of you carry children to school,” he said in a separate meeting.

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Patrick Waithaka, an official of a Nanyuki based boda boda group said the riders were committed to obey the rules and work closely with police officers to reduce crimes in Nanyuki and other areas by volunteering information that could lead to the arrest of the robbers.

“We want to change the mentality that associate riders with criminal activities. We are ready to smoke out the robbers who pretend to be among us but they are criminals,” said Waithaka.

Waithaka added that they would ensure everyone wear protective gear and have an extra one for passengers adding that the commuters suffer most in case of accidents.

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