Meet top footballers who proclaim God in the game

Radamel Falcao [Photo: Courtesy]

Money and fame are sometimes dangerous weapons for anybody’s faith. Many celebrities tend to forget about God after they acquire wealth and fame - professional football in this case.

Some celebrities get carried away by fame and money, making them dance to the tune of earthly riches.

However, there are a few professional footballers who have kept their faith and don’t shy away from showing it. They believe that without God, they would not be able to achieve what they have.

These footballers always profess their allegiance to Jesus Christ through their way of life, their posts on social media and sometimes their styles of goal celebration.

Here we look at the professional footballers who proclaim God in the game:

Allison Becker: Goalkeeper – Brazil

Roma's goalkeeper Allison Becker [Photo: Courtesy]

The Brazil shot stopper is playing in his first ever World Cup and he took to social media to thank God for the opportunity.

His post read: ‘Very happy to receive the opportunity to defend my country in a world cup! Realization of a dream!!!!...Glory to God!!’

The 25-year-old also recently suggested that faith in God plays an important role in success.

‘If you want to be a great keeper, you need to work very hard. That’s what I do. You need to be very focused on football and I think faith is important too.’ Allison said.

‘If you believe in God, you know you have to do your best on the pitch and put love into everything you do in life.’ He added.

Radamel Falcao: Striker – Colombia

AS Monaco forward Radamel Falcao [Photo: Courtesy]

The AS Monaco captain has been known to lift his jersey after he scores, revealing a T-shirt that says ‘Con Jesus nunca estara solo’ which translates to ‘With Jesus you'll never be alone.’

He is also said to be urging his teammates to read the Bible with him and attend church services.

He frequently posts about his faith on twitter with his recent one being on Tuesday June 19. The post read, ‘Finally, the day has arrived. God can do anything; you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.’

He leads a Youth Group at his Evangelical Church in Buenos Aires and even met his wife there.

Edinson Cavani: Striker – Uruguay

Edinson Cavani [Photo: Courtesy]

The Paris Saint-Germain forward is a member of the ‘Athletes of Christ’ organization.

In his book ‘What I have in my heart’ Cavani talks about his faith and how Jesus has help him make many advances.

The 31-year-old also busted out a T-shirt that read ‘I belong to Jesus’ after he scored a goal.

Some years ago, Cavani was asked if he sees himself an athlete of Christ but he had a different way of saying it. ‘No, no, no. I am an athlete for Christ,’ he said.

‘That's why I play for Him, to give Him glory, to thank Him for giving me the ability to play football … for giving me that divine gift that I am trying to manage more and more,’ he added.

Javier Hernandez (Chicharito): Striker – Mexico

Javier Hernandez [Photo: Courtesy]

The West Ham United forward is known to pray before and after every game in the centre circle.

He reveals that he prays for God’s protection for himself and all the other players in the field. He also thanks God for allowing him do what he loves.

‘I talk to God and I tell him to take care of the health of both teams because the worst thing for a sportsman are injuries and there are a lot of accidents on the pitch that nobody wants.’ He reveals.

Kieran Richardson: Defender – England

Kieran Richardson [Photo: Courtesy]

The versatile left-back found God in 2007 but went public with his faith last December when he revealed a T-shirt with words, ‘I belong to Jesus’ after scoring for Sunderland against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

He narrates how he used to love money and women and would get drunk with friends after matches.

‘Five years ago all I cared about was going out, clothing and looking good. I wasn’t happy. I started thinking more about money rather than football.

‘I’d go out with my friends after a game to nightclubs, get drunk and meet women. But I wasn’t happy.’

A visit to a church with his girlfriend at the time changed the course of his life: ‘My life changed. It didn’t change straightaway. It was a gradual thing; It has been a gradual thing.’

‘Now I have Jesus Christ in my life and I feel good in my heart.’

Odion Ighalo: Forward – Nigeria

Odion Ighalo [Photo: Courtesy]

The 28-year-old did not grow up in a wealthy family. Access to water, food and electricity was a problem for them.

The former Watford forward now plays for China based club Changchun Yatai and always thanks God for his life and football career on his social media accounts.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said, ‘We didn’t always have what we wanted or needed, we had to struggle.

‘It was difficult to live, difficult to eat and that is why I thank God when I look where I am now.’ He added.

Keylor Navas: Goalkeeper – Costa Rica

Keylor Navas [Photo: Courtesy]

The Real Madrid goalkeeper played a major role in Costa Rica’s surprise World Cup qualification in 2014.

For him, his faith is the most important aspect of his life. Speaking with Spanish Newspaper El Mundo, Navas said, ‘My faith is the most important thing. I believe that, the moment I had a very personal relationship with God and I really knew what his Word said, it was not about religion.

‘It was about knowing that what the Bible tells us is what He has left us.

‘It changed my life. It filled the void in my heart. That is why I am so grateful.’



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