Three AP offers arrested by Ugandan soldiers released

Residents and fishermen at Nambo Beach in Usenge, Siaya County, protest harassment by Ugandan authorities who arrested three police officers and four fishermen. [Photo: Courtesy]
The three police officers arrested yesterday by Ugandan soldiers have been released.

Siaya County Commissioner Jacob Narengo says that the four fishermen arrested alongside the Kenyan  police officers will remain in Ugandan custody until the matter is sorted.

The officers were arrested and disarmed yesterday by Ugandan soldiers in Lake Victoria and taken to Uganda by boat.

Witnesses say that the officers guns and phones were taken away from them before they were transferred to Namaingo by boat.

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Siaya County Administration Police Commandant Patrick Lumumba said the incident involved up to eight soldiers on patrol who arrived in a Kenyan boat.

Lumumba said the attackers, who were heavily armed, first hijacked five Kenyan boats and took away their engines.

"Our officers were overpowered by the heavily armed attackers who lay an ambush on the officers who assumed they were civilians and fishermen," said Lumumba.

It is the second such high-profile detention by Ugandan authorities guarding the lake.

Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda condemning the incident, said that it was unfortunate that Kenyan security officers were being held unlawfully in the neighboring country.

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"More than five hours after our police officers were attacked and hijacked by Ugandan soldiers, the government has not given any statement concerning the same," said Ochanda.

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