Ramadhan: Chief Kadhi urges patience over moon sighting

Chief Khadi Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Muhdhar. [File, Standard]
Controversy over sighting of the moon has once again hit the Muslim community ahead of preparations for Ramadhan. 

Some Muslims will begin fasting today while others are expected to begin tomorrow or Friday, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Chief Khadi of Kenya, Sheikh Ahmed Sharif Al Muhdhar, who is the only authority mandated to announce the start and end of the fast, yesterday said Muslims should wait for the sighting of the moon.

“This is what the Islamic Law states and it has nothing to do with the Government or the office of the Chief Khadi. I wonder why a section of Muslims are always in a hurry,” said Mr Muhdhar.

He said they had set up a 'Waqf Commission of Kenya' office - a moon-sighting committee - in Mombasa to await calls from any Muslim who sighted the new moon around the country.

"I appeal to whoever will claim to have sighted the new moon to report to any khadi’s office in the country. The person will be required to take an oath witnessed by more than two imams before the message is passed to us and an official announcement made from my office."

He urged unity among Muslims during Ramadhan.

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