Masinga Dam to overflow by Friday, Government warns

An aerial view of the Masinga Dam. [Photo: Courtesy]
Masinga Dam will start overflowing anytime between now and Friday, the Government has said.

This will exacerbate the situation in Tana River County, which has suffered the effects of flooding.

Several people have been killed and thousands displaced. The flooding has also caused a public health nightmare, with increased cases of cholera reported.

The Energy ministry yesterday advised people living along River Tana to move to safer ground. 

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At a press briefing yesterday, Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter (above) said Masinga Dam, one of the largest in the country, was currently at 1055.53 metres above sea level. It fills up at 1056.5 metres. He urged residents of Garissa, Garsen, Hola and Bura to move to safer ground.

“The inflows are huge and it is worrying. We expect Masinga to spill over between now and Friday,” said Mr Keter. The dam feeds four other dams downstream, which are already full.

“Once Kiambere Dam overflows, it is expected that it will take four days for the water to reach Garissa town and soon after the lower Tana Delta. In the event that the water levels continue to rise, communities that live on the banks of Tana River, downstream of Kiambere Dam, are urged to take necessary precautions,” said Keter.

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