Tanzanian police confirm assault of MCA

[Photo: Courtesy]
A Member of the County Assembly who was allegedly assaulted in Tanzania did not record a statement, authorities have said. 

Corporal Mariseli Alute of Ngarenaro Police Post in Tanzania said Magutu MCA Pauline Wanjira (pictured) went there to lodge a complaint but was directed to get a medical report from a government hospital first.

“We held the (suspect) in our police cells as we waited for her medical examination report so she could make a formal statement and be issued with a reference number to proceed with investigations,” he said.

But the next morning, the suspect - who is her colleague - asked to speak with her to seek a resolution to the matter. “Ms Wanjira left the country and failed to provide the necessary documents to help us charge the individual with assault therefore we let him go. There was nothing we could do without her statement or the medical report,” Mr Alute said.

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Wanjira has been trying to have her colleague arrested since her arrival back in the country. She has reported the matter at Parklands Police Station. Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Chief Administrative Secretary Rachel Shebesh promised "to deal with this as an office".

“I will do everything in my power to protect the rights of women," she said.

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