Promise of justice as police investigate rogue tout who beat passengers

Kenyans can now show relief after Nairobi police commander Joseph ole Tito said that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation will open investigations into the conduct of a tout accused of assaulting passengers at a bus station in Nairobi.

This is after an outcry that the tout, Felix Mwingirwa, is enjoying protection from the police and a Sacco at the Tea Room stage. Mwingirwa, who is an official of the Meru Matatu Sacco first caught the attention of many when he assaulted a passenger for not choosing a different shuttle.

According to a post by Wayne Wafula Msungu on Facebook, Mwingirwa smashed the passenger’s head on the windscreen and then hit his head on the barricade steel metal cracking his skull. Two bystanders who came to the rescue of the attacked passenger also fell victim to Mwingirwa, prompting Kenyans on social media to call for his arrest.

Felix attacked the passenger for choosing a different shuttle

The 'rogue' tout after attacking the passenger

According to human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, Mwiringwa gets away with his heinous crimes and is favoured by Kenya Police and Meru route matatu operators since he collects ‘protection money’ for the police from all Tea Room matatu saccos.

These two witnesses were attacked for rescuing a passenger [COURTESY]

“The police, working together with Felix, frame the victims and lay bogus assault charges on them. Felix is walking around Tea Room saying no one can touch him because Japheth Koome, who is at police headquarters, and Mr. George Kinoti, the Director of Criminal Investigations, are both Meru, just like him,” wrote Mwangi.

Nairobi police commander Joseph ole Tito [COURTESY]

On Wednesday, March 7, Mr. Tito assured Kenyans that the DCI will investigate the conduct, bank accounts, movement and association of the tout, to establish whether allegations of his links to police are true.