Is NASA justified initiating move to recall US envoy?

US ambassador Robert Godec
The Opposition is right on that because the US ambassador, Robert Godec, has turned rogue by deigning to dictate to NASA and Kenyans at large rather than to advice.

That is why the Opposition is working on how to get him recalled. The Constitution is clear on the conduct of ambassadors and it limits them to advise and not to dictate or interfere with the local running of states, the way Godec is doing.

He has pulled 11 other envoys to his side who could not be aware of the kind of trap Godec has set for them because we (the Opposition) may also write to their countries demanding their recall after dealing with Godec. Going by his conduct, any rational observer will think Godec was a spokesman of Jubilee party.

What will you say, for example, of his silence when Opposition supporters were being shot at and murdered in their hundreds in the wake of the electioneering period? We heard nothing from him when IEBC’s Roselyne Akombe fled Kenya citing danger to her life and the incapacity of the commission to carry out a free, fair, and verifiable election.

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He then emerges from a pretentious silence to dictate to NASA what we should be doing in a classical scene from a political script.

To me and for the good of the relationship of the USA and Kenya, the ambassador should be recalled for advice because he seems to have lost sight of his diplomatic duties, becoming a Jubilee politician rather than an adviser and friend of all Kenyans.  

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