Respect the rule of law, NASA supporters in London tell Jubilee government

Kenyan Nasa supporters in United Kingdom and their friends demonstrate against Kenyan Government clamp down on critics.
National Super Alliance supporters demonstrated outside the UK’s Houses of Parliament against Jubilee government's crackdown on critics.

On Wednesday as lawyer Miguna Miguna was transiting through Amsterdam in a forced deportation to Canada, protesters led by former Deputy Governor of Kisumu and Raila Odinga’s sister Ruth Odinga took to the streets of London.

Waving placards with anti-government slogans, the supporters condemned persecution of opposition leaders.

Ali Abdi, who helped organise the demonstration, said Kenya was slowly sliding back to the Kanu era where people could be detained without trial.

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“Many of us living in foreign countries experienced firsthand how Moi took advantage of the old constitution to curtail people’s rights and freedoms including unexplained disappearances of people who dared openly question his style of leadership,” said Ali.

He said the possibility of getting back to the KANU era was real if Kenyans failed to rise up to defend the constitution and to hold leaders accountable.

The government has been clamping down hard on opposition leaders involved in the January 30 ‘swearing-in’ of Raila as "People's President." In its aftermath, Ruaraka MP Tom Kajwang was arrested and charged, Miguna was arrested, produced in court and later deported and police withdrew passports and firearms of key NASA leaders.

NASA-UK Asst General Secretary Ms. Janet Sutton said the Kenyan government was acting unconstitutionally in trying to silence critics.

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