Fidelity to the Constitution is sure way to real progress and harmony

Respect for the rule of law keeps a country together and ensures harmony in otherwise chaotic situations. Human beings are bound to disagree due to the competitive nature of life and that is why the law is there to avoid anarchy. Left to their devices, people would kill or harm each other for the flimsiest of excuses. Following last year’s highly divisive elections, individuals inside the Jubilee government and the Opposition grouping National Super Alliance are dangerously stretching the limits of the law.

Kenya has walked through this path before and it would be foolhardy to ignore the law and return to bloody days. We are dangerously beckoning bloodshed, violence and disunity by flouting the Constitution left, right and centre.

The government has resorted to intimidating the Opposition leaders by withdrawing their security and firearms on the premise that some have joined proscribed groupings or are engaging in illegalities. Yet we believe that elected leaders, because of their stations in society, are uniformly entitled to security. Equally, while agitating for electoral justice, some Opposition leaders are bordering on serious violation of the Constitution.

Their acts can quickly spark a breakdown of law and order. We therefore urge them to trend carefully and avoid statements that might incite Kenyans against each other.

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This is time for sober debate and emergence of true statesmen and patriots. That said, the government bears a greater responsibility for upholding the law.

It must lead the way in obeying court orders and respect for the rule of law. This is because the opposite of that is creation of a jungle where the mighty run roughshod over the weak. Fidelity to the Constitution is the surest assurance to investors, and indeed all Kenyans, that the work of their hands will yield fruit.

This must never be lost on the government, the government-in-waiting and the citizenry. For real progress, equality and harmony, all Kenyans must obey the law.

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