Man sentenced to life imprisonment over fatal domestic row

Reuben Kivuva Mutyanzaa, man sentenced to life imprisonment at the Makindu law court in Makueni county. [Photo: Courtesy]
A man who chopped off his girlfriend’s leg and both hands two years ago has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The sentence was made at the Makindu law courts before principle Magistrate Gerald Mutiso and senior state counsel Tito Wanga.

At the time of judgement, the senior state counsel had recommended the maximum sentence as provided in the law for such an offence.

On that fateful day, Judy Muendi, 28, had picked a domestic row with her lover Reuben Kivuva Mutyanzaa where he threated to kill her. Mutyanzaa had learnt that the man Judy intended to marry had another wife whom they had sired children with.

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Mutyanzaa returned the following day to her house with a butchery machete after the quarrel had ensued where he used the machete to chop off her two hands and a leg living her for dead, minutes before she was rescued by neighbors.

Judy Muendi, whose limbs were chopped off. [Photo: Courtesy]
Muendi who appeared disturbed of her condition told the court that following the incident, her life had been sunken into problems.

“My three children are suffering, i was the bread winner for our family and after the tragedy my mother had to move to my house at Emali market where she assists me bath, take me to toilet, take me bed, feed and other chores since am unable to attend to any duty”, she told the court.

She was later admitted at a Nairobi based hospital after the incident where she got a prosthetic limb fixed but the hands still remained trimmed.

The court requested her to provide the medical bill that added up to sh. 7 million which she said that she had not been able to settle up to date.

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The court ruled that the accused properties be confiscated and sold to cater for the medical expenses.

At a calm state, the magistrate read that the court had considered the defense made by the accused that he had three children to take care of, a diabetic mother and an epileptic wife. Regardless, it granted him life-imprisonment.

“I have considered the accused mitigation, also considered that the victim/complainant is also completely dependent on her mother, the violence you committed upon a helpless woman is mind bobbling, and now this lady is unable to walk simply because she wanted to end an affair with you. She is now dependent on others to climb to bed, to feed, to wipe her face, all because of you and therefore, the accused is given life imprisonment “, the court ruled.

Shortly after the ruling was reached out, Muendi’s mother Regina Wayua Mutava told the standard that she was happy that justice had been granted to her daughter.

“I had to leave my home to come and stay with my daughter, I left my children at home as they suffer with nobody to care for them, though, am happy that justice has been reached at this day”, said Ms. Mutava

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The complainant also expressed her happiness with the ruling. Mutyanzaa now has fourteen days to file an appeal.

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