Shame of police brutality in court precincts

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet would like to make Kenyans believe that the police service is reformed, friendly and responsive to the needs of Kenyans; that in spite of the stretched resources, the officers do their best to serve the people; that corruption is not the way of life for many of his charges; that the officers are diligent and conscientious in their duty. Yet, the truth is the opposite.

The physical ambush of Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino within the court precincts tells another story altogether.

This newspaper abhors the character of the first-time MP who is wont to insult, smear and disparage those of different political persuasion.

But for nearly 20 armed, uniformed and plain-clothes police officers to physically abuse the MP and his lawyer and fellow MP Otiende Amolo was unacceptable and portrays a despicable side of the officers many thought belonged in days gone by.

The shift from being a Police Force to a Police Service that was supposed to signal change in operations was in vain for truly, the police is more disposed towards the use of brute force than offering selfless service.

It beggars the question; just what will it take to reform a police service with a colonial mindset? Surely, not even the change of name from Force to Service has helped matters; nor the improved welfare.

Despite better remuneration, better houses, medical and life insurance cover, the police service remains rogue and a law unto itself. This needs to change with the changing times.