Striking nurses hold street demos as vow to stay put

Striking nurses PHOTO:COURTESY

Nurses held demonstrations, vowing to continue with their strike that entered its second week.

The more than 1,000 nurses have been on strike to protest at delayed promotions, under-staffing, and poor working conditions.

Waving placards and shouting anti-county government slogans, they marched through the streets and headed to the county headquarters.

They were, however, blocked from gaining accessing to the offices by the police officers manning the main entrance.

The secretary-general of the Kenya National Union of Nurses' Nyeri branch, Beatrice Nduati, said members had been left with no choice but to continue with the industrial action.

They faulted the county government for remaining silent on their grievances, among them shortage of personnel.

"We will keep away until our complaints are addressed," Ms Nduati said.