Sierra Leone in danger of going to war again

Sierra Leone President, Ernest Bai Koroma PHOTO:COURTESY
The tendency to hang onto power despite constitutional time limits remains a problem in Africa. In Uganda, for instance, President Yoweri Museveni changed his country's constitution to stay much longer in power.

 Across borders in Rwanda and Burundi, the situation is the same but while the changes in Burundi resulted in bloodshed and political persecution in Uganda, Rwandans appear to have taken them into their strides.

In Sierra Leone, President Ernest Bai Koroma whose second term is nearing its end in line with the country's constitution, is set to stay on longer going by current indications. Whenever African leaders are crowned either 'president or chairman for life' by party adherents, that is the surest indication they are preparing to dig in.

Constitutions must never be treated like mere decorations to be used when they serve the interests of those in authority; they must be respected.

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 Sierra Leone is a country that has experienced the ravages of war from which it has not yet recovered yet the stage is again being set for friction. In the interest of peace in Sierra Leone and the larger African continent, the presidential term limit should be observed.

The free will of the people must be allowed to work through peaceful and democratic elections away from the dictatorships that have condemned the continent to poor governance.

Sierra LeonewarPresident Ernest Bai Koroma