Seven refugees arrested in Dadaab camp for hosting terrorists

Dadaab Refugee Camp
The Dadaab refugee camp
Seven Somali refugees have been arrested over claims of human trafficking and hosting Al-Shabaab terrorists at the Dadaab Refugee Camp.

They are accused of facilitating the movement of refugees to Nairobi to obtain illegal documents and hosting terrorists at the facility.

Police say the seven were arrested Tuesday in an investigation that had been launched weeks ago targeting illegal activities there.

"They have been facilitating refugees to move to Nairobi for documents to enable them move to Europe and Canada. The suspects have also been hosting terrorists at the camp," said North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamed Saleh said.

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Those arrested were identified as Bertie Mohamed Khalif, Ahmed Abdi Mohamud, Omar Mohamed Khalif, Bare Hussein Mahat, Shamsudin Dubow, Nasra Abdi Noor and Anab Mohamed Muhamed.

Police presented the suspects in a court in Garissa and were granted ten days to continue holding them as investigations go on before they take plea.

This comes weeks after police arrested three wanted terror suspects in a police operation over human trafficking claims.

Police said the first suspect was Ali Hussein Ali alias Trusted One and was also involved in human smuggling and terrorism financing.

He was linked to both Al-Shabaab and ISIS as well as Magafe Human trafficking network in Libya.

Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet said the suspect was arrested on March 27 in Malindi alongside Ibrahim Abasheikh Muktar and Abdi Mohamed Yusuf aka Dader.

Boinnet said Ali was born in Somalia and came to Kenya in 2010 before he moved to South Africa, Sudan and later to Libya where he joined ISIS.

"Ali played a key role in facilitating the travel of recruits from Kenya and Somalia to join ISIS in Libya as well as facilitating illegal immigrants enter Europe," said Boinnet.

He added the suspect also facilitated the movement of money through various countries before reaching Libya to conceal transaction trail.

At the time of his arrest, Ali was demanding Sh63 million (US$639) from his boss for a commission of a job done.

Ali and Mukhtar have allegedly been housing immigrants in lodges in Eastleigh, Malindi and other areas before moving them to Libya, Syria and Europe through Kampala and Busia border and Juba.

Mukhtar is a businessman and landlord in Watamu while Yusuf is a long distance driver and personal driver to Ali.

According to Boinnet, Yusuf was used in ferrying recruits from one destination to the other.

"On arrival in Libya, the recruits and illegal immigrants are detained by Magafe and would be released on payment of between Sh250,000 and Sh700,000 which is later transferred through hawalas in Kenya to Mogadishu and later to ISIS."

Some of the recruits held in Tripoli have been asking for help from their Kenyan relatives and those who got help drowned in Mediterranean Sea while crossing to Europe.

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