Churhill Show’s Man Kush on what men should do to keep their marriages intact

Hard truths are funny, just as proved by the funniest Man of God currently in town- Man Kush. This man has declared publicly that he ‘eats’ sadaka and that once he leaves the church he doesn’t want to be associated with the ‘pastor’ tag. ‘Ukiniona kwa street usiniambie nikuombee, utanichomea picha,’ he once said.

Man Kush’s brutal honesty has earned him a congregation at Churchill Show’s enthusiasts. He mixes his humour with motivation as well as a life’s lessons. Last week he had some interesting tips on how to have a successful marriage for men especially.

Stay close to your wife

You should never go far away from your wife. If you must don’t go for too long.

Don’t go to bed without taking a shower

After a long day at work, you’ll be sweaty and the man of God deems it prudent that you take a shower before you retire to bed with your wife. No one wants a smelly human being to a share a bed with. With the increasing number of mosquitoes in Nairobi currently, let your wife cover her face in peace.

Give your wife money

Take care of your wife’s financial needs. If you don’t someone else will and it won’t be for nothing. Everybody is in this world for profit or for value of what they are willing to spend. She will take the money and sell your amorous right.

Don’t deny your wife conjugal rights for more than two days

It’s a crime to deny your wife her right. But if you do, there are plenty of men who would gladly chip in to quench that ‘thirst’. And they are always ready for combat.

Never let your wife leave the bed before you to look for money

If your wife leaves you in bed every morning as she goes to look for money you are doomed. A man’s supposed to fend for the family, get up early and head to work before his wife does. If you are that lazy another man will ‘feed on her’ so she can feed you.