26-year-old woman beheads her twins in Nairobi

Police are holding a 26-year-old woman who beheaded her one-month-old twins in Jericho estate, Nairobi.

The woman decapitated the boy and girl yesterday morning in an incident that left residents shocked.

Security agents had a hard time controlling the public baying for the woman’s blood. They managed to whisk her to safety.

Neighbours woke up yesterday to found the decapitated bodies of the two children outside the house where the woman was staying with her aunt.

Beside the bodies were the four blood-stained knives used to commit the heinous act.

A witness, Beth Gashugu, who was among the first at the scene said that an iron-sheet fence that surrounds the house made it possible for the woman to carry out the act without attracting any attention.

The woman, according to neighbours, was new in the estate having moved in early this month to stay with her aunt from Nakuru, where she was allegedly living with her husband.

The Jericho house belongs to the County Government of Nairobi.

“The sight of the dead children lying outside the house shocked us. She should have dumped the children on the streets for Good Samaritans to pick them up, instead of killing innocent souls,” said Ms Gashugu.

Confirming the incident, Buruburu DCIO Jeremiah Ikiao said police officers rescued the woman from the public who had camped outside the house baying for her blood.

“We are investigating the matter. The woman is being held at Jogoo Road Police Station,” he said.