Avoid GMO foods, Cardinal John Njue now advises

Cardinal John Njue

The Catholic Church has stepped up its opposition to the tetanus vaccine and termed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) dangerous.

Cardinal John Njue asked Kenyans to reject the vaccine and GMOs and said that certain powers with a hidden agenda were behind the two controversial issues.

Njue said protecting people's health should always be a priority and warned people on the next vaccination phase.

"We all know the dangers and the damages of both the vaccine and GMOs. Let no one lie to Kenyans. Let us be careful with our own destiny and security of our people," he said.

The Catholic head in Kenya maintained that the tetanus vaccine is laced with a substance that lowers women's fertility. Thorough investigations, he said, had proven the vaccine is harmful to women.

Interestingly, tests presented by the Government conducted at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, have given the vaccine a clean bill of health.

"I ask you to keep away from the vaccine and please heed our warning. We are what we eat, if you eat rubbish you become rubbish, let's also keep off GMOs," the Cardinal said.

Addressing residents of Limuru during the first Arch-Diocese of Nairobi Farmers Day, Njue said the church is promoting organic farming for healthy food, business and safe environment by using available resources and promoting natural farming.

"We are advised to avoid excessive use of chemicals and fertilisers, which poison the environment. We should aim to gain healthy environmental conditions," he said.

Njue called on Kenyans to produce crops sustainably by improving soil fertility by using waste that can be recycled.

He termed organic farming as a call to get "back to nature", which would provide food that is safe and of high nutrition for the health of both producers and consumers without damaging the environment.

During the field day, over 130 farmers from poor backgrounds benefited from heifers. The theme of of the event was organic farming for healthy food, business and safe environment.

The programme was established six years ago with the aim of alleviating poverty through sustainable agricultural practices and small-scale agri–business projects.

Besides the tetanus vaccine, the Catholic Church has also opposed the polio vaccine, claiming that it is laced with birth control drugs.