Police arrest 4 terror suspects at Busia headed for Libya to join ISIS

Kassim Ahmed Ali, Ali Omar Bwanaadi, Muhammed Kassim Abdalla and Mustafa Kheri Shali, 4 terror suspects arrested at Busia border while headed for Libya to join ISIS

Police are holding four terror suspects who were arrested at the Busia border while enroute to Libya to join terror group ISIS.

The four have pending cases in Mombasa. Police spokesman George Kinoti said the four will appear in court Monday  to face charges of joining a terror group in Mombasa.

They were identified as Kassim Ahmed Ali- his ID was recovered in the Majengo house during a police raid in January.

ALI omar Bwanaadi- his ID also recovered in the house . He was positively identified as one of the house occupants.

Muhammed Kassim Abdalla- was a trusted facilitator for the Ismael Shosi's group- terror group in Mombasa.

Mustafa Kheri Shali- unknown together with the two ladies but investigation are on to identify them.

One of the men initially said they were going to Juba and later connect to Libya.

The incident which happened on Friday comes weeks after year a University of Nairobi student was arrested as he tried to travel to Libya to join terror group ISIS.

Police say they arrested the University of Nairobi Biochemistry student Hassanein Ahmed Basty as he prepared to leave Kenya for Libya.

Basty had been on the police radar and was arrested as he left for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while headed for Sudan where he would connect to Libya.

This is one of the incidents in which young Kenyans are increasingly being recruited and taken to join terror groups to fight alongside extremists.

The student was arrested last month as police revealed the recruiters lure youths with the promise of well-paying jobs in foreign countries only for the unfortunate youth to find themselves forcefully recruited into such extremist groups in Northern Africa and Middle East.

Police investigations established that in early 2015 Hassanein was lured by an online recruiter who promised him a job as a phlebotomist with a starting salary of Sh200,000 which would eventually increase to Sh1 million.

He was notified in October 2015 that his application had been successful and thereby decided to take up the job offer.

The student had apparently used part of his University fees given by his parent to buy his ticket to Sudan, which is one of the transit routes to the war-torn country of Libya but was arrested before he accomplished his mission.

There has been an upsurge of University students dropping out to join extremist groups in Libya and the Middle East, often without their parents’ knowledge. Police are urging parents to regularly be in touch with their children in institutions of higher learning as well as the institutions so as to deter illegal recruitments.

Police are still continuing with investigations on the syndicate to establish local collaborators.

More than 12 Kenyans left last year alone to join the terror group.

Mahmoud Ahmed and his cousin Mohamed Abdulswamed are among those who went to Syria last year to fight alongside the group.

According to police, the recruiting agent picked them from Nairobi and drove towards Eastleigh, then hit the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway before ending up at the Busia border and crossed to Uganda, South Sudan and to their destination.