Three suspect arrested robbing a Kakamega beer depot

KAKAMEGA: An angry mob was Tuesday stopped by Administration Police from lynching three suspect thieves who broke into a beer depot at Khayega market in Kakamega where they mysteriously "got struck by blindness".

Tens of Administration Police officers guarded the scene of the alleged crime to ward of a mob which was baying for the blood of the three claiming crime was rife at the area.

"We should not only obey but live by the law, the three are innocent suspects as we are speaking until a court of law proves otherwise," said an administration police officer who kept shoving off the crowd.

The mid-morning incident attracted passers-by and travellers plying Kakamega Kisumu road who were eager to learn what was in the offing after a rumour went that they were "struck blind by unknown forces".

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"This thugs have been terrorising us thought the festive season whenever they are arrested we meet them yet again in another crime now that police look unable to deal with them we want to teach the thugs a lesson," resident in the crowd kept saying.

The Administration Police were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the seemingly unruly crowd that was determined to kill the three who remained bamboozled in the beer depot.

The beer depot owner Mr Vincent Mmuka told the standard that the three had returned for another share of loot when the bizarre happened.

"My watchman told me that they pointed a pistol at him, tied his hands and locked him inside a latrine before they robbed property of unknown amount. They then returned for another share when they got trapped inside," he said downplaying the allegations that they were mysteriously held," I believe they got too drunk and could not do anything that's why they were found in a state of stupor."

According to areas Chief Mr Charles Mwayuli this is not the first attack on the beer depot, two years ago four armed thugs attacked and tree were lynched while one escaped.

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