Jailbreak convict arrested in Uganda

A convict who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison has been arrested at a motel in Kampala, Uganda.

Samuel Munene, who is serving a life imprisonment for robbery with violence, is alleged to have faked illness and was admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), from where he escaped.

Speaking to the Press, Commissioner of Prisons Isaiah Osugo said the inmate had faked an illness for eight years to stage the escape.

He said since 2007, Munene had been feigning complications in his legs that made him unable to walk.

"He had been confined to a wheelchair for eight years since he could not walk. We did not know he was faking it to find a way out of the prison," Osugo said.

Munene is alleged to have stolen clothes from another patient to disguise himself and sneaked out of the hospital without any suspicion.

The prison boss said the officers were shocked to find the inmate was not lame and had escaped.

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"Our officers are expected to be watchful of prisoners at all times. The officers who were in charge have been charged in court for negligence," he said.

Osugo noted that it is difficult to monitor over 3,000 inmates in the facility, saying escape of prisoners happens all over the world.

It is believed prisoners sneak in hacksaws, knives, phones to work their way out of the prison.

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